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The stop of time. Sometimes it has happened to everyone to feel as if out of time, absent for a moment from the world and from themselves. A condition not only physical but, also and above all, metaphysics. Everything we know, see, hear, believe we know, see and hear no longer exists.
Still Morning It appears now that there is only one age and it knows nothing of age as the flying birds know nothing of the air they are flying through or of the day that bears them up through themselves and I am a child before there are words arms are holding me up in a shadow voices murmur in a shadow as I watch one patch of sunlight moving across the green carpet in a building gone long ago and all the voices silent and each word they said in that time silent now while I go on seeing that patch of sunlight. Still Morning” by W.S. Merwin, from Collected Poems: 1996-2011. © Library of America, 2013. The last day of the world I would like to plant a tree

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